Monday, March 15, 2010

I didn't care for "Back in Black" by Lori Foster

A couple preliminary things:

1. If you didn't like the "woo woo" (paranormal) factor in some of the author's recent books, you'll be happy to know this is completely down to earth.

2. If you like your romance novels steamy, this one fits the bill; there are two different couples tearing up the sheets.   If you value romance over sex scenes you should skip this one.  For me it was sex too much too soon and left no room for an actual romance to grow between the characters.

This book lost me near the beginning because I couldn't respect the heroine. Gillian is a PR expect hired to clean up Drew Black's image. Whether or not you think his image needs any help from prior books, that was her job and she intended to keep things professional because a success would give her the means to open her own business. But instead of acting like a professional, Gillian lets Drew talk her into sex almost right away because no one would find out. (And compounds the mistake by running outside his house wearing nothing but his shirt so now she is not only unprofessional but letting everyone know it.) Then later in the book she had the foolishness to feel offended because he treated her like a woman he was having sex with, not as a professional with a job to do. And we're also supposed to believe that even though Drew is falling in love with her without anything really to show it.

The second couple are Brett (a fighter) and Audrey (head of an organization protesting the SBC). Having two couples means there isn't time to build a real romance with either one. Basically they just have sex and decide they love each other without anything to show a developing relationship. It's like the book version of a reality dating show where the couple goes on a handful of dates and then expects the audience to believe they are in love and get engaged.

I think the story would have been stronger with just one couple and much more so if Gillian had acted like the professional she claimed to be and let the relationship grow into something before she made the decision to cross a line and sleep with him. I want more from a romance and expected more from this author.

I checked this book out from the library.  Support your local library!

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